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Raven Mystic

Tarot reading personalised video, up to 3 questions

Tarot reading personalised video, up to 3 questions

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Tarot reading personalised video, up to 3 questions answered. This is a detailed Tarot reading for your future, a divination reading by a genuine and experienced psychic Tarot reader.

Do you have something specific you need an answer to? Have you been feeling lost or confused lately? Are you worried about what to do next? I am here to give guidance, encouragement and practical suggestions for moving forward.

What you get
A detailed 15 card Tarot spread answering up to three questions. This is a personalised video Tarot and Psychic reading lasting approximately 20 minutes. A link to your private YouTube video will be sent to you within 5 working days, Monday - Friday UK time.

What you need to do
INCLUDE your email or the recipient email and their name when you place your order. Include up to three questions for the reading, if no questions are received then you will get a general reading. You are welcome to include any further information such as your astrological sign. If the reading is a gift, please include their name. Don't forget to check your email Spam folder in case the email goes there! If you would like to email me directly after payment, my email address is

About Me
My name is Cassandra Raven, I have been using Tarot for 25 years and have been teaching Tarot, Astrology and Qabalah for 12 years. I have worked for many of the top paranormal investigation companies in the UK for 10 years as a Medium and Occult Specialist, connecting to the spirits and energies at hundreds of haunted locations in the UK and the US. My passion is helping others and teaching, if you are interested in learning Tarot, Astrology, Qabalah and spiritual subjects you are welcome to message me.

In order to comply with UK law, I must state that this service is for entertainment purposes only.
Over 18's only
I cannot give any advice regarding health, pregnancy or psychological issues. Please seek help from qualified medical and psychological professionals for this.

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