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Raven Mystic

Reusable Cotton Tea Bags

Reusable Cotton Tea Bags

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Reusable cotton tea bags, drawstring natural unbleached teabags pack of four. Infuser filters for herbal loose tea or small simmer pot of herbs.

Pack of 4 drawstring bags.

Small drawstring bag ideal for single cup of tea or teapot for 2 - 3 people based on one teaspoon of herbs per person.

7.5 cm wide 10 cm tall which is 3 inches wide 4 inches tall.

These are washable, simply empty out the used tea and rinse with warm water. You may wish to tie the strings before washing so they don't become detached.

These bags have many uses, they are great for carrying herbs, dried flowers, incense or perfume. I like to place some drops of essential oil onto cotton wool, place into the bag and hang it in the wardrobe or car.
They are also great for making a small poultice or carrying crystals as the bags are natural and very soft.
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