Palo Santo 8 sticks

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Sustainably sourced top quality natural energy cleansing for spiritual, yoga, meditation, Witchcraft and Wicca.

These are top quality Palo Santo wood sticks, 100% natural NO ADDED CHEMICALS unlike many others now on the market.
They are sustainably sourced and come carefully wrapped in tissue paper and in a cardboard postage box.

Longer burn than lightweight cheaper varieties, simply light one end over a tealight candle or with a match, allow the flame to take hold for a few moments then extinguish the flame to allow the stick to give off its cleansing smoke. We find keeping a candle lit nearby helpful as you can re-light should the stick burn out, but if its properly lit to begin with you shouldn't need to do this - they usually remain smoking for a while depending on the conditions.

Waft the smoke around the area, object or person to be cleansed. This can be performed by anyone, it is the smoke which cleanses.

Be mindful around pets and small children and never leave anything burning within their reach. Just like candles - never leave these sticks burning unattended and be sure they are placed on a heatproof surface away from anything flammable.

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