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Raven Mystic

Horned God Soy Wax Apothecary Candle

Horned God Soy Wax Apothecary Candle

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Horned God Apothecary Candle ritual spell jar - hand made in the Cotswolds UK by genuine Traditional Witches with over 30 years experience.

This powerful candle is perfect for burning anytime. We have used specific herbs, roots, resins, oils and crystals and charged the candle on our altar.

Establish your goals with our Roasted Chestnut, Nutmeg and Clove scented Magickal Apothecary Candle.

This candle is made of 100% eco Soy wax and has been infused with Clove and Vanilla pure essential oils to assist your connection to the Horned God. Topped with Sunstone crystals known for their divine masculine energy, Benzoin to bring confidence and inner strength and Oak Bark for stability. A sweet smelling candle with magickal undertones of strong roots, power and strength to overcome adversity.

These candles can be used simply for home scenting - or you can perform your own spells with them.

The Horned God - Burn anytime for establishing your boundaries, increasing your strength, achieving your goals and for comfort in difficult times. This candle scent can be likened to being in a strong, protective embrace!

To perform your spell - Following the safety instructions on the base, light the candle and take a few deep breaths to focus your energy. Set your intent by imagining what you want to achieve as if it is already happening for a minute or two. Allow the candle to burn for a while and as you look into the flame, relax and tune in to the energies around you or meditate if you wish. Every time you re-light the candle you can re-set your intent.

Once your candle is used and you will no longer burn it, you can re-use the jar for your personal spell. When extinguished and cooled, simply leave the crystals and herbs inside, it's ok if there is still some wax and wick inside too. Place a piece of paper with your intentions written on it, or create a sigil to represent your intent. You can add more herbs etc if you wish. Replace the lid and bury the jar somewhere safe or place it on your altar while you focus your energy.

The eco soy wax is easily washable with warm soapy water - we encourage you to re-use your jar for spells, trinkets, a little plant, herbs or anything you wish!

Burn time 20 -30 hours

Vegan - Botanical - Crystal Empowered

Cruelty Free

CMR and Phthalate Free

Silicone Free

Contains no dyes or paraffin

Size - 6.5cms x 6cms

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Keep away from children and pets
Keep away from things that can catch fire
Trim wick to 1cm before lighting

Keep the wax pool clear from debris - these candles are topped with herbs and crystals, REMOVE any loose herbs or flowers before lighting and keep these away from the flame.

You may wish to consider our Heatproof Tongs found here

Please note, all our spell kits and candles are designed to attract the correct energy towards you, it is entirely up to YOU to use that energy in a productive way to achieve your goals. We cannot guarantee that the spell will work in the way that you imagine, or within a particular time frame. Within the UK law, we must state that our items are sold for entertainment and decorative use only. This listing is for ONE candle.
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