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Cat's Claw

Cat's Claw

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Cat's Claw herb for witchcraft or Wicca spells, rituals and incense. Pagan witch apothecary supplies, prosperity, attraction, spiritual gift.

Common Name - Cat's Claw - Una de Cato
Planet - Jupiter
Element - Fire
Magical use - Prosperity, attraction, vision quests, releasing old ties.

Our herbs, resins and roots can be used in various energy work, rituals and spell work including

Burning using a charcoal disc and appropriate container
As an offering or gift
Placed into a dream pillow
Carried in a spell bag or Juju bag, or placed around the home or in a vehicle
Sprinkled around the garden (away from pets)
Used in the creation of a poppet or Voodoo/ Hoodoo doll
Inserted into a purse, wallet or handbag
Carried loose in a pocket
Added to incense for extra power

We recommend

Cat's Claw is a very popular herb among herbalists and witches, known for it's powerful energy. Use in any spell for prosperity and to increase love spell potency.

Perfect for adding to incense for Astral Travel, communication with guides and for visions of the future.

Well known for balancing and blockage clearing properties, Cat's Claw is ideal if you feel there is something or someone blocking your path.

Power Tip - Using Cat's Claw can break ties from past relationships and alleviate negative energy from childhood.

4 tablespoons in a paper packet, 7cm x 12cm. This particular herb weight per 4 tablespoons is 12g. Please note some herbs are very lightweight, especially the flowers. The quantity you receive is pictured.

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***Our herbs, resins and incenses are sold for ritual and magical use and home fragrancing. Do not ingest. When working with herbs and resins, be mindful that some are toxic, ingesting can be harmful or fatal and topical application can also be harmful. We recommend you consult a qualified Herbalist or Medical practitioner in person before this type of use - this includes herbal teas, even those readily available in stores. Always keep herbs and resins away from children and pets and wash your hands after use. Be aware that some herbs can interfere with medications and some can be harmful to unborn babies. Breastfeeding mothers should be aware of adverse consequences if ingested. Different people react differently, there can be other varying factors such as allergies, medical conditions and supplements and medications. Therefore, we cannot say if something is safe for you to ingest or use topically online even if it is generally known to be safe. Although our company is run by a fully qualified Holistic Herbalist, we do not give any health advice online for these reasons.***
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