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Raven Mystic

Ritual Candle Attract Money Spell Candle Magick

Ritual Candle Attract Money Spell Candle Magick

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Money is a type of energy, the energy of the Earth Plane that we inhabit. Most of us need money to live, to feed ourselves, families and pets, to keep warm and sheltered. Money is our security and our safety. With money we are able to help others, look after our kin and enjoy our time here on our beautiful planet Earth. This candle embodies all that money brings us. While lighting it, send out energy of gratitude for all you have, attracting more abundance and security to your life. If there is something in particular you need money for, focus on the feeling of already owning the item. Visualise yourself happy and grateful for the gifts of the Universe.

 Hand Poured, solid colour candle with 100% cotton wick

Size - 7.5" x 3" (20cms x 7cms)

Burn time - Approx 50 hours

Our Spell Candles are carved with sigils we have created for each specific purpose.  Each candle is then dressed with appropriate pure essential oils and glitter to accentuate the sigil. A topping of incense, hand mixed for each spell is applied. The candles are individually charged with the correct energy for each spell and then carefully wrapped.

Following the safety instructions, light the candle and take a few deep breaths to focus your energy. Set your intent by imagining what you want to achieve as if it is already happening for a minute or two. Allow the candle to burn for a while, you can relax during this time, tune in to the spirit energies around you or meditate if you wish. We also recommend you move around the room, make plans to achieve your dreams and be productive in your daily routine as this will encourage the desired changes to take place. When you extinguish the spell candle, give thanks for the spell having worked. When you relight the candle again, simply repeat.

Please note, all our spell kits and candles are designed to attract the correct energy towards you, it is entirely up to YOU to use that energy in a productive way to achieve your goals. We cannot guarantee that the spell will work in the way that you imagine, or within a particular time frame. Within the UK law, we must state that our items are sold for entertainment and decorative use only.


To prevent fire and serious injury, burn candle within sight. Keep away from draughts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 2 hours at a time. Ensure your candle holder or tray is sufficient to catch liquid wax.

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