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Leo astrological zodiac sign loose incense

Leo astrological zodiac sign loose incense

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Burning loose incense and simply thinking about your goals is the best way to quickly manifest them. The ingredients we use are energetically powerful and evocative, transporting you to a world of witchy workings - perhaps deep in a dark forest at midnight, secret candlelit rituals in your own sacred space or summoning ancient energies high on a mountain, with the wind whipping through your hair.

Whatever kind of Magick you weave, these amazing witchy aromas will speak to your soul and strongly assist you. Just allow the smoke to envelope you, surrounding you with it's incredibly powerful energy. If you choose just ONE thing to achieve your intention, our hand blended loose incense should be it! Simply light your charcoal disc (sold separately) and sprinkle our incense on top. Follow the safety instructions below.

Our Astrological loose incense blends are designed to -

  • Bring forward the positive traits of each sign for any spellwork
  • Self empower you - choose your sign
  • Help you aquire characteristics that belong to another sign, for example to increase your own bravery you could choose Leo
  • If you are doing a ritual or spell for another person (or about another person) and you know their sign - pick theirs

We also stock Planetary loose incense and other hand blended incenses which can be used in the same ways.


Born - July 23rd - Aug 22nd inclusive

Element - Fire

Planet - Sun

Quality - Fixed

Matching crystals - Peridot, Diamond, Carnelian, Ruby

Keywords - Affection, bravery, cheerful, creative, enthusiasm, generous, loyalty, playful, reliable

Power tip - use this incense when you need to need a boost of creativity or when you need to assert your place as "King of the Jungle"!

All ingredients are carefully chosen by us to match the purpose of the incense, ensuring you will be creating the correct energy and adding potency to your ritual. We hand blend and charge them on our altar during the correct planetary phase for each incense. They can be burned as part of your magical working, or to add magic to the air at any time.

***Our herbs, resins and incenses are sold for ritual and magical use and home fragrancing. Do not ingest. When working with herbs and resins, be mindful that some are toxic, ingesting can be harmful or fatal and topical application can also be harmful. We recommend you consult a qualified Herbalist or Medical practitioner in person before this type of use - this includes herbal teas, even those readily available in stores. Always keep herbs and resins away from children and pets and wash your hands after use. Be aware that some herbs can interfere with medications and some can be harmful to unborn babies. Breastfeeding mothers should be aware of adverse consequences if ingested. Different people react differently, there can be other varying factors such as allergies, medical conditions and supplements and medications. Therefore, we cannot say if something is safe for you to ingest or use topically online even if it is generally known to be safe. Although our company is run by a fully qualified Holistic Herbalist, we do not give any health advice online for these reasons.***

Safety instructions - Do not consume. Keep away from pets and children. Use a charcoal disc and suitable heatproof disc holder away from any flammable surface. Never leave burning incense unattended. Wash hands after use.

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