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I'm Cassandra Raven and I own Raven Mystic with my other half (The Sun to my Moon!) Max Raven, selling handmade witchcraft and spiritual items. Raven Mystic is also a growing community of people exploring the spiritual side of life. I teach Qabalah and Witchcraft and run my own workshops, lessons, weekend retreats and fairs. I'm a fully qualified Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.

Like many people, I was born with mediumistic abilities and have always been able communicate with the dead, but this was just the start of my spiritual journey.

I studied for 15 years with various tutors and occult groups (the word Occult just means "hidden", Paranormal or Supernatural) covering a wide range of subjects including Spiritualism, Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, Witchcraft, Reiki, Past Life Regression and energy work including Elementals, Demonic and Angelic forces. After this, I volunteered my knowledge, time and energy for three years to build my own spiritual strength and during this time I cleared many buildings of negative forces upon request.

For the last ten years I have worked for top Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Hunting events companies as an Occult Specialist, where 50-60 guests per week are able to put their trust in me to communicate with spirits and work with energies at various haunted locations around the UK. During these events I teach the guests how to communicate with spirits, and techniques to protect themselves spiritually. I also run my own Pagan, Witchcraft, Qabalah and Psychic Development events.

Teaching Qabalah, energy work and Witchcraft is my passion. I have forged my own modern teachings from decades of study into various aspects of The Great Work. A modern Qabalist, Spiritual Life Coach and Public Speaker, I help others along their spiritual path with workshops, training events, talks and seminars.

Max is a Hedgewitch qualified in Holistic Herbalism, with many years of experience. He practices Traditional Witchcraft and 'double ways' magick.

Max and I created Raven Mystic Shop to supply products related to the teachings, as many people ask what tools to use in this type of work and how to use them.

We decided rather than simply buying products to sell, we would produce our own range of handmade magickal goods including ritual spell kits, hand blended incense, divination tools and clothing designed and printed by us. We live in a haunted gothic mansion in the Cotswolds, UK.

We invite you to join our community! Max Raven and I have a Facebook Page, "Witchcraft, Spiritual and Folklore with Raven Mystic" where we often have Live video chats on various topics and we would love your input! Simply "Like" the Raven Mystic Shop Facebook page then click the Community tab and join the Group..

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