Collection: Apothecary herbs in packets and bags

Loose herbs, resins and roots approx 4 tablespoons in a paper packet as pictured. Perfect for all who love to work with the powerful energies of nature! 

Our herbs, resins and roots can be used in various energy work, rituals and spell work including
  • Burning using a charcoal disc and appropriate container
  • As an offering or gift
  • Placed into a dream pillow
  • Carried in a spell bag or Juju bag, or placed around the home or in a vehicle
  • Sprinkled around the garden (away from pets)
  • Used in the creation of a poppet or Voodoo/ Hoodoo doll
  • Inserted into a purse, wallet or handbag
  • Carried loose in a pocket
  • Added to incense for extra power