Collection: Intention Ritual Spell Wax Melts

Beautiful handmade scented melts, perfect for burning anytime. String and gift tag included. Can be used simply for home scenting - or you can perform your own spells with them.

To perform your spell - Following the safety instructions on the base, light the candle under your wax melt burner or switch your electric melt warmer on and take a few deep breaths to focus your energy. Set your intent by imagining what you want to achieve as if it is already happening for a minute or two. Allow the candle to burn for a while and as you look into the flame, relax and tune in to the energies around you or meditate if you wish. Start with one or two melts and add more if desired. As the scent is released, know that your magic is working and the universe is granting your wishes.

Your melts should last for several uses, remember your intentions when you re-use them or set your intentions again. Once your melts are used, dispose of them by letting them cool and popping the wax out of the container. Alternatively, the eco soy wax is easily washable with warm soapy water.

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