Apothecary herbs in jars

Loose herbs, resins and roots approx 5-6 tablespoons in a jar as pictured. Perfect for all who love to work with the powerful energies of nature!

"I can feel the energy radiating off the herbs and incense - they smell divine.. I can't wait to use them!" - Carol, Kidderminster

Our herbs, resins and roots can be used in various energy work, rituals and spell work including
  • Burning using a charcoal disc and appropriate container
  • As an offering or gift
  • Placed into a dream pillow
  • Carried in a spell bag or Juju bag, or placed around the home or in a vehicle
  • Sprinkled around the garden (away from pets)
  • Used in the creation of a poppet or Voodoo/ Hoodoo doll
  • Inserted into a purse, wallet or handbag
  • Carried loose in a pocket
  • Added to incense for extra power
  • Made into teas or added to teas (if safe to ingest)
  • Added to bath water (if safe used topically)