What to buy a male witch?

What to buy a male witch?

Whether it's a birthday, Fathers' Day, Yule, or just a gift because he's awesome, we've got you covered! Treat the magical man in your life to one of our handmade gift sets such as our Ancient Gods luxury bath set. Or perhaps our popular Odin's Oil Beard and Bath oil. We have a wonderful range of scented candles including Thor, Odin and Horned God and don't forget to check out our hand blended incense blends - including one for each of the Sun signs, so there is something for everyone! 

When searching for gifts for Max, I like to surprise him with something meaningful and magical. I mean, socks really do have a magic all of their own, especially their ability to disappear in the wash. Luckily he always wears odd socks.. but I digress.. Beyond clothes and books, I couldn't find anything he would really like that represented his magical and witchy vibe. 

I wanted to create some items that were based on a few of the male Gods and deities, our Goddess range is stunning and after all, balance is always good. Of course all the items in our shop can be used by anyone, but here we have a range that makes it easy to choose an unusual, occult, Pagan and witchy gift for the viking or wizard you love.

You can find the items above in our Apothecary Crystal Candles and Botanical Bath sections of the shop, subject to availability.


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